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*Box Includes

1 x  VHB IH

1 x  8.4V Charger

1 x Glow in dark tube container

1 x Cork chamber plug

1 x Sticker

4 x Cork sticky feet pads 

Dimensions  - 100mm x 68mm x 50mm ABS 


 Butane Free heater for DynaVap

Over 100 clicks per charge. 4-6 hits per session

Quality 2 cell Samsung 18650 3500mAh battery pack with BMS overcharge/discharge, short circuit protection, balance charging

Small, Discreet, and easy to use

 Get flavorful vapors with each click

Customize Fire button and LED colors

  Small easy to use Induction Heater for DynaVap. We are in no way affiliated with DynaVap we just love the product so much probably like yourself and that's why you're here! Using Induction for heat instead of a butane torch saves you money plus gives you a perfect hit every time. Induction heating only heats metal which makes it ideal for DynaVap. 

  Powered by 7.4V - 2 cell Samsung 18650 3500mAh battery pack with BMS protection for overcharging/discharging, short circuit, plus balance charging. VHB IH will shutdown when the battery volts are too low for use protecting the batteries. Typically the unit will last for 3+ days with moderate use or 100+ clicks when fully charged.

  Each one is put together according to what color LED and Fire button you select. There may be slight differences and imperfections from each. That being said these units are put together by hand so these are use at your own risk. Lithium batteries can be dangerous. If you're not aware please do  research before buying. Must treat these units with care and responsibility it is not a toy!   

**Can take up to 5-6 weeks to complete before shipping depending on order volume**


Please read before use

How to use

- First make sure it's charged up( refer to How to charge below) 

- Next fill your DynaVap. (loosely packed gives best results)

- Insert DynaVap into the glass tube gently and let rest inside. 

- Switch the power on. Next hold the fire button down. You will see the LED color that you chose shine through the glass tube. First warm up on cold DynaVap will take a few seconds longer to heat up which is about 10-15 seconds. 7.4v heats up slower allowing you to have more flavorful hits per session.( Works best with titanium tips. Heats faster and better vapor production over SS. Highly recommend titanium) 

- Wait for the "Clicks". Should be two clicks when ready. Occasionally there will be only one click to signal it's warm, usually its slightly louder. 

- After Clicks release button and remove DynaVap for use.  

- After use place DynaVap onto magnet to cool down. Wait for the cool down clicks. Caution as the magnet does get hot.

- Repeat. Should be able to get 4-6 clicks per session before needing to empty and fill again. 


How to charge

- Plug charger to wall first. Green light = power.

- Plug charger to the VHB IH. Red light = charging.

- When charger light is green again it's fully charged and ready.

- Red Light = Charging

- Green light = Charged




*Only use charger that is provided with the VapHotBox or one that is on our website in extras. Do not use while plug in. Do not leave unattended when charging. Do not leave charging overnight. Not using the correct charger could result in damage to batteries or worse case cause fire. You accept full responsibility in the chance that could happen when purchased. Please use correct charger. 


















By coming to this website and making a purchase you acknowledge and accept all legal terms that we are not responsible for any personal or property damage that may result from using or mishandling electronics with Lithium ion batteries. Use at your own risk.