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******Current Lead time - 3 weeks******


1 x  VHB IH

1 x  8.4V Charger

2 x Stickers

**Mini wood tray is NOT included**


Revised version

-Stronger magnet

-Hotter heating 

-Reduced price

-Button change - Matte silver and matte black



Dimensions  - 100mm x 68mm x 50mm ABS 



 3+ days with moderate use or up to 100 clicks

 2600mAh battery pack

Overcharge/discharge protection

Short circuit protection

Balance charging

Small easy to use Induction Heater for your DV. We are not affiliated with DV we just love the product so much! Induction heating is simple to use plus gives you the perfect hit every time. VHB at 8.4v heats slower than the rest allowing the oven to heat evenly with more flavorful draws.

VHB is set to your preferred LED and fire button colors. These are all put together by hand and there may be slight differences and imperfections from each. Induction heaters are a tool for heating and not to be used inappropriately or as a toy use at your own risk.  



- Fully charge before first use

- Loosely packed gives best results

- Cold heat up is longer at 10-15 seconds

- Ti work best. Faster heat up, faster cool down

- SS may need 2-3 seconds pass the click

- Try a dry test run to make sure it clicks twice

- Caution magnet gets hot



Conditioning the batteries. Charge to 100% before first use. After fully charged, use the device until it auto shuts off or when heating takes much longer than normal. Charge back to 100% and should be fully conditioned. 

- Red Light = Charging

- Green light = Charged

First charge is long up to 4 hours. We use a slow charger which is better for longevity.


*Any problems or issues or anything at all please email us. thingsplussomestuff@gmail.com

*1 year warranty

*First battery replacement free. Shipping not included




*Only use charger that is provided with VHB. Do not use while plug in. Do not leave charging overnight


















By coming to this website and making a purchase you acknowledge and accept all legal terms that we are not responsible for any personal or property damage that may result from using or mishandling electronics with Lithium ion batteries. Use at your own risk.