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******Current Lead time - 3 weeks******

Dimensions - H 2 3/8 x L 2 1/4 x W 2 3/4 

VHB micro is our premium wood Induction Heater. We've partnered up with O'Connell Woodworks Vaporizers to come up with these beautiful pieces of functional art!

VHB micro Induction Heater uses wall power supply. 12v UL listed power supply with many certifications.

Micros are small enough to be versatile in many ways of use. Push button activated. Simple to use. Heat up time is around or under 8 seconds with 3 - 4 hits per session. Micro is set to aggressive heating. 

Check out www.Oconnellwoodworks.com as we'll also have matching stems and trays for the micros.

How to use:

- Plug power supply to wall first. Make sure the led is lit up on supply

- Plug power to the micro

- Press silver activation button to make sure led lights up in the micro

- Insert DV into chamber or micro over the DynaVap

- Hold the activation button until you hear 1-2 clicks



* Not recommend to leave plugin when not using