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**** LEAD TIME  1 - 2 WEEKS ****

 CARBON mini - green logo


• Pocketable

• 50+ clicks

• Adjustable heating chamber

• 1000mah battery

• Type C charging

• Battery meter

• Dimensions  4.25 x 2.63 x 1.27 in.


Carbon mini is our pocketable sized heater. Adjustable heating chamber similar to the original carbon. Type C charging with battery meter. 

Fine tune your desired sessions for light or heavy sessions with ease. Battery averages 50-60 clicks depending on how the chamber is set - can be less if set too hot.

Charging time - 1 hour and 30min - *with 2a charging brick


Battery meter100-75-50-25%

Red LED - charging

Blue/Green LED - charged



- power button is on front. Push all the way down until it clicks in

- heating button is on the side

- brass button controls battery meter LEDs

- plug on backside can be moved in and out to change heating time. Further out is a longer heat up time and bigger hit. Further in is a short heat up time and lighter hit. 


Included in box:


- CARBON mini

- Type C charge cable

- Extra chamber plug

- VHB sticker


 1 year no hassle warranty

 Designed and hand built in USA 



Any issues or problems please email





• Don't charge overnight

• Don't leave charging unattended

• Don't use while charging

• Turn off when storing in case