• Small, discreet and easy to use

• Customizable LED and Fire button colors

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- 1 year warranty-

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Wow this thing is awesome! Nice big vapor hits every time!! I need another one!


It actually works better than expected. No more torch and buying butane!! 


I got it. I already love it!!!! Thank you!! I’m spreading the word to everyone I meet!! Keep up the good work!


Love this vap hot box. Simple to use. Produces smooth, tasty draws! Vapor clouds are consistently dense and satisfying. Herb is very uniformly vaporized. Excellent product, guys. Thanks!!


Very happy with the small form factor and battery capacity. Soooooo, many more clicks then my other. Also, really like the push button momentary switch as opposed to the ones in the heater tube activated by holding the dyna vap down. Thanks again.


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