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Quartz convection heater. Slide is a Micro heavy that uses a torch or coil desktop for heating power. Torch power needs 30s or less and with a desktop heating coil you can dial in your heat preference for a more controlled experience. After heated slide outside glass over the 14mm glass while using the O-ring to control the heat source height. Control the height by moving the O-ring up or down. Start with the O-ring higher up so the heat source is farther away from chamber. Slowly move heat source closer to the chamber until a mist is created. 

*Don't heat to red(will combust) 30s while rotating with torch is plenty*


- first clean before using

- add O-ring to the 14mm glass and push down to about halfway

- lightly pack legal herb of choice

- use a bigger size torch for best results. Heat the balls at the tip of the heater glass while rotating for 30s or so

- slide heater glass over 14mm glass and inhale if no mist slide heater down moving the O-ring and the heat source closer to the herb until you start to see it working. Too close and will ignite the herb. Go slow to start. 

- as you go you can move the heater closer to the herb until no more mist.

- repeat when warm will need less heating time.

- once familiar with heating times and distances you can fine tune your heat ups. 

Torch power video

Torch power video 

Coil power video

In the box

- slide heater glass

- slide herb glass

- slide stand

- debowler dish

- 3 O-rings

- sticker