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****1-2 week LEAD TIME****


Simple and Affordable 3D printed heating option.

Adjustable chamber depth for fast and slow heating.

To keep this as low budget as possible these will not come with a power supply. You will need to supply your own. 

Power supply specs-   12v 8amp  5.5mm x 2.5mm


Option 1

VHB 3D - built option

VHB 3D will come all assemble and ready to go out of the box. power supply needed.


Option 2

VHB 3D - build option

VHB 3D will come with all the parts and tools needed to put together yourself. No soldering, No gluing, and No additional tools required. Can be put together in less than 15min. power supply needed

Build Video 


Option 3

VHB 3D - hardware kit 

VHB 3Dwill come with all the hardware and STL files needed to print your own VHB 3D and build yourself. power supply needed


For mixed colors please leave a note to seller during checkout. Copy and paste your selection

Shell color-

Base color-

Button color-