VHB carbon

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*****Lead time :  2.5 weeks*****


• Long lasting 2600mah battery pack

• Adjustable heating chamber

• Ribbed side grips

• Strong cooling magnet

• Carbon Fiber digital print

• 150+ clicks

• 4.50L x 3.50W x 1.25H

• Free domestic shipping

VHB carbon is our newest addition. Adjustable heat tuning for light or heavy draws. Long lasting performance. Slim handheld with ribbed side grips. This heater is for the pro users looking to get the most out of your DV.

Carbon Fiber digital print with some colors to choose from. Achieve full roast in one heat if desired or enjoy several flavorful draws. Heating chamber also can be fully open port for maximum custom heating.

Slim enough to fit in some pockets. Enough power to last a camping trip or weekend fun on one charge. Heating time depending on your heat profile can be 4-10 seconds. Thermal fuse shutoff if things get too hot with auto reset. These are a tool for heating and not to be used inappropriately or as a toy.

* Make sure to turn off before storing in case*

Charging/low battery

• Charged fully - 1 hour 20 minutes  12.6v 2a
                           - 2 hour 40 minutes  12.6v 1a
• Low battery cutoff
• Charging - Red  
• Charged - Green


Charge fully before first use

Glass is removable for easy cleaning

Don't go past the click just adjust chamber

Light pack/Fine grind works best

Chamber plug can be removed for open port on demand heating

Battery is low when heating is longer than normal

Strong magnet for cooling - caution very hot

Turn off when not using 

* Make sure to turn off before storing in case* 

Heat tuning

Test heating with glass chamber on highest setting. Which is when the glass tube sticks out the top of case but flush with the bottom. This should be a light first heat if too heavy then use a flat cork pad to attach to the bottom of the cork and push up into chamber until the pad is flush with glass. For heavy hits push the glass chamber down until the glass is flush with the top and protrudes out the bottom of the case. This setting should be a heavy hit even with the first heat. Fine tune your heats from there and enjoy your perfect hit each time.

Chamber glass cork plug can also be removed for on demand heating. Hitting while you heat method or to be used with a wpa. Don't forget to put plug back.

Extra corks for more fine tuning. Razor blade is needed to trim the cork. Trim the top(small side) of the cork to desired height which is usually .25" stock. Insert cork into glass chamber firmly. Trim excess off so it's flat with glass. Use a flat cork pad to cover the cork bottom and push that up into the chamber until flush.

In the box

1 x VHB carbon
1 x 12.6v 1a li-ion battery charger
2 x VHB Stickers
2 x Extra corks
4 x Flat cork pads for fine tuning

Any issues or problem please email

1 year no hassle warranty

Hand built and designed in USA





**Don't use higher than 2amp charger

**Don't use while charging

**Don't leave charging unattended