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 Custom made and can't be cancelled once order is placed. Please be certain before ordering. Thank you for understanding

 VHB x OWW Handheld 


• 50+ clicks

• Adjustable heating 

• 1000mah battery

• Type C charging

• Battery meter

• Dimensions 3.7L x 3.2H x 1.9W in.

Turn your DV into a true session Handheld device. Beautiful Walnut enclosure made by O'Connell WoodWorks, Adjustable heating, Type-C charging and Battery meter.  Tune your sessions for light or heavy sessions with ease. Battery averages 50-60 clicks depending on how the stem is set - can be less if set too hot.

Charging time - 1 hour and 30min - *with 2a charging brick

Battery meter 100-75-50-25%

Heating adjustments - simply move the glass out for heavy sessions or in the block for light sessions. Small adjustments is best.

Session profiles - 1)heating to the click(s) then use  2)heating while using  (option 1) you need to make sure you wait for the cool down clicks.  (option 2) heating while you use you can consume with no clicks but feel the heat. 


- make sure its charged. Red led = charging / No led = charged

- remove stem block 1) insert O-ring to top of block 2)push glass through top until flat with the bottom of block.

- add choice of tip. (Ti heats and cools much faster, SS is best with WPA glass)

- adjust stem depth, further out of block the heavier the session (start with glass even with bottom block is best and may be plenty)

- insert tip into chamber until the magnet grabs the body 

- press power button until it clicks in

- wood button is the heating button. Hold button to start heating. The glass will glow to signal its heating. 

- heat until you hear the click(s) then enjoy or use while you're heating for a on demand session for best experience

- important to turn off when not using to prevent accidental heating if heating button is pressed. (has thermal fuse)



- Use small amount of saliva to lubricate oring so glass stem slides in better

- Start with glass even with bottom of stem block

- pack light and even with a slight tamp. Leave a little space between the product and the cap. 

- Best experience is to inhale while heating until it clicks or until you feel the heat. Best used with perforated cap for better airflow. 

- pre heat for 5s on first heat up before you start to inhaling. Inhale until you feel the heat or until it clicks whichever comes first. Adjust stem accordingly after this. Down is more , up is less. More will drain battery quicker 


In the box


-charge cable

-bent glass

-WPA glass   *optional* 


**tips not included**

**Replacement glass link**


1 year no hassle warranty

Designed and hand built in USA 

Any issues or problems please email



• Don't charge overnight

• Don't leave charging unattended

• Don't use while charging